CellarStone specializes in sales commissions and incentive compensation software and solutions. Our staff has been pioneers in the sales commission business space, with significant domain expertise and experience.

Some of the CellarStone Solutions that we offer are the following:


QCommission is a flexible and powerful sales commission application that can meet the needs of customers of all sizes, and can handle complex sales compensation plans. Read more.


Easy-Commission is an easy to use sales commission application. It takes sales data you enter, applies commission calculations you have set to produce commission statements. Read more.


CellarStone provides integration expertise with its QXchange product. We also custom develop software based on customer requirements. Read more.


MaxBlox is a new offering from CellarStone. It is a SaaS (Software as a Service) – a complete application development platform. MaxBlox’s entire system is web-based and allows the ability to build applications that operate over the web.Read more.


MaxCustomer is an easy-to-use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that provides businesses the ability to analyze and increase their sales by effective management of revenue opportunities, customer relationship, and sales growth. Read more


MaxAgreement is a Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) solution that helps you track the life of your contracts and/or agreements with vendors, clients, partners and other parties, from start to finish. Read more

The entire CellarStone team is continuously working on coming up with more innovative products and applications to help you handle your sales commissions and your business better. Check our homepage regularly for updates on CellarStone Solutions.