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Application Development

Application development projects for most firms have been characterized by delays, cost overruns and poor quality results. The developed applications also take on the characteristics of the development team and become complex to use, since it varies from application to application.

Application development has become more complex with time, with more and more basic expectations being added in. Where a desktop application would have been sufficient before, now customers expect a fully web-based application.

The newer technologies provide substantial benefits to the users. Software delivered as services (SaaS) to users with the ability to treat user data uniquely adds additional value to the application.

The need exists for a solution that is technologically current, reduces the amount of effort dramatically, increases the consistency of the application for ease of use and increases the quality of the end application.

The system should provide tools to build all the basic features an application normally would have, such as forms and reports.

Key Features

Feature Description
MetaData The entire system is object-oriented and all application components have metadata definitions. Application behavior can be changed just by changing the metadata.
Security MaxBlox follows all standard web security protocols. In addition the system allows the ability to specify user level security access to various objects such as pages and reports.
Multi-tenant MaxBlox has the ability to use a single code base but multiple company files within a single database to get operational efficiencies.
Table Objects Tables are available as objects and can be defined directly using screens and dynamically implemented. They will consist of field objects.
Page Objects Pages can be designed dynamically using screens and based on Table objects. Pages can have standard functions such as Lists, Add/Edit/Delete, Next/Previous, Save, etc.
Menu Objects Menus can be defined using screens and associated with user and security.
Report Objects Reports can be dynamically created using screens and rendered. Reports can be based on Tables or Queries.
Query Objects Queries can be created to access the tables and can be executed dynamically.
Workflow Workflow rules can be set up. They can be triggered and used by changes to table records.
Logging All data changes can be logged for audit purposes.
Internationalization Locales can be defined and data formats can conform to the locale.
Navigation Navigation functions can be designed to provide easy access to the objects in the application.
Dashboards Dashboards presenting meaningful data in chart form can be created based on tables and queries.
Help Help can be customized for user created objects.


Solution to Consider

MaxBlox is a complete application development platform. The entire system is web-based and allows the ability to build applications that operate over the web. This is architected as a Software as a Service (SaaS) system.

MaxBlox allows the ability build an application by creating the tables, forms and reports necessary, using screens with simple drop-down choices. No coding is necessary to build a standard maintenance application. Basic maintenance and reporting takes up more than 50% of the effort in most applications and MaxBlox reduces that effort dramatically.

Since MaxBlox dynamically creates all forms and reports necessary, it operates very consistently across all applications and all users. The user does not have to decide position of fields, data validation and data updates, etc. Because of this the application quality is much higher since human error is not introduced into the application.

The application can be rolled out to users easily, since it is web-based and is protected by user security. The application can be hosted within the firewall or accessible to users outside on the internet.

MaxBlox also has sophisticated functionality such as Workflow and Analytics that the average application development just would not have the time or priority to include.


MaxBlox is architected for flexibility and ease of use. The entire system is based on a comprehensive Metadata structure. This allows any part of the application to be modified without altering code. This increases the quality of the application being created. Many standard functions that would be coded in applications are treated as objects and stored in databases. Pages for example are dynamically rendered by looking at the object definition in the Metadata.

MaxBlox is built using standard Microsoft technology, such as VB.NET, MS SQL Server, MS IIS, etc. Hence it is very reliable and does not have unusual technology issues. The support for these products is provided by a large vendor. The application can also be easily extended using these same technologies.

mb architecture

MaxBlox is built as a multi-tenant architecture. The code can be run as a single instance on a server, with individual customer instances residing within a single database on a different server. Alternatively, it is also possible to have multiple code instances that connect to one or more database instances.

MaxBlox is entirely web-based using HTML as the rendering language. Users can logon from within the fire wall or from outside the company if it is exposed to the internet. All code is shared and centralized. Code components can be added to the application if customization is required.

The application sign-on module keeps user sign-on information in a separate database and appropriately routes the user access to the right database. Once logged in, the user security compares the access rights for the user against the object and only presents the right menus, pages, etc to the user.

The application is extendable by means of scripts and variables to do more complex activities.


MaxBlox was the system used to power the SaaS application www.easy-commission.com. Easy-Commission is an easy to use commission calculation application available over the web to all customers. Easy-Commission was developed very quickly and easily using MaxBlox. MaxBlox was also used as the underlying platform for the successful sales commission application product, QCommission, www.qcommission.com.

MaxBlox was used to create a project management and time sheet capture system for an international firm. This application provided the ability for users in distributed locations enter their tasks and hours and get it approved through a work flow process. As a final step, all the information from their application was integrated into a corporate QuickBooks database.


MaxBlox can be used for almost any business application that customers need.
Some examples include:

  • Set up a time-sheet capture and approval application.
  • Set up an expense capture and approval application.
  • Set up order entry and invoice processing application.
  • Set up a customer relationship management application.
  • Set up referral program management application.
  • Set up a product catalog application.

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